Who are We? and What is Our Mission?

Our Mission is simple. We enjoy helping others and try to foster peace, prosperity, goodwill and understanding throughout our community and the world. Working together as a group, we accomplish much more than we could individually. We expect nothing in return for our efforts. Seeing the positive changes we help make possible locally and throughout the world is its own greatest reward. We believe in living up to Rotary’s motto: “Service Above Self “.

  • 4th of July Fundraiser
  • Architectural Design Competition
  • Dictionary Project
  • Sunny Fields Park
  • Oaxaca, Mexico Construction
  • PACE Girl's School, India
  • IDC Foundation, Philippines
  • Danish Days
  • Dental Service Project, Ensanada, Mexico
  • Donating our TIme to other Clubs and Organizations so their mission can be realized

But we’re not done yet. We need your volunteer time.

Donate to our Foundation

Please Donate if Possible. All donations go into our Foundation which allows us to continue to donate back to Charitable Causes.

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Please Join us in Thanking Our 2019 4th of July Sponsors!